måndag 17 oktober 2011

Cartoons and premiere

I just saw the premiere of the walking dead and I have to say, I want a DeLorean (preferably the one Marty McFly had) so I can go to the future and see the upcoming episode! :D

I love that show, not just because of the Zombies (Or "walkers") but when I watch it I get so freaked out and for some reason I love being scared... well I love scary movies, not being scared for real.
I love the show because I really think it's well made, the "walkers" are super creepy, really "lifelike" (Pun totally intended)

I hate that I get "writing blocks" whenever I try to write in English, I guess I will be better the more I practice.

Oh and October 5:th "South Park" had it's "mid-season" premiere and, I thought the episode would be on southparkstudios the week after, but no... of course us swedes have to wait until December ):
But somehow I saw the episode, and last weeks episode today. Awesome!

And this is (Like always) a short update, just short writings about two off my favorite tv shows.
It would be much longer if it was i Swedish, but at least once a week I try to write a English post, so why not this one (:

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