lördag 1 oktober 2011

A few cool things

Do you have some time to kill?
Are you bored when you should do something else?

Well here is a few fun sites to make time go faster :)

The first one is a "How-fast-can-you-write-on-a-keyboard" test, and you can choose many different language.
Click here to visit

This it my last result from the Swedish test, I know It's kinda low but practice makes perfect, and if I try do beat my last result again and again eventually I will write faster :)
 and on my first try I got 35 words/minute

Oh and offcourse you have to check this one out. Think of someone famous (or non famous) dead or alive and answer his questions and be amazed when he guesses right :D

It was Stephen Lynch I thought of :P

And the last one today is this awesome comic It's only a few strips in English but they are so good!

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