söndag 23 oktober 2011

Gosh :')

It's time for another English post :)

So I don't know why I didn't upload a post yesterday, I forgot about it.

But Im back, now, just a few 24 hours late ;)
I didn' t do anything special (like always xP) yesterday, but today I left my room and got out and did stuff...

First when I woke up I thought that this was going to be another pointless day, with nothing to write about, but then around lunchtime my dad called me and asked if I was ready
"Ready for what?" I replied to him
"Well, I thought you wanted to come with me and visit my cousin and later we're going to you sisters house"
I said yes and immediately started to but on some makeup (the same makeup I did a couple days ago)
and when I was finnished dad got home and we drove off to visit dads cousin.

When I was younger I was very good friends with my "cousins" (They are called "tremänning" here in Sweden)
and as we grew up we drifted apart, but It was really nice meeting one of my "cousins" again. :)
In the beginning of August we had a "family reunion"-thing and thats when I met her sisters and her for the first time in like almost 10 years, I was kind of nervous to meet them actually but so nice at the same time :P

anyway, today we met again, and I had Swen with me and dad brought Bodil (Our newest dog, a Dogo Argentino) and our relatives really melted, they thought the dogs were so cute and adorable, unfortunately for Swen, Bodil got most of the attention.
But then he kind of sneaked of and got loose outside, and he always listens to me when he is "free" at home, but now there was so many new scents and places to explore so he went deaf for about ten minutes and completely ignored me... that was until my "cousins" cat chased Swen, then the fun was over, he got back inside and stayed beside me for the rest of the stay.

After that we went to my sisters place and the dogs got to play with each others and Bodil was really happy to "run free", you see my sister has a fence around her backyard and there all the dogs got to run and play... well Swen stayed inside most off the time, he had found a chewing toy of Emma and wanted it for himself :P

When we finally went home again we stopped at a "supermarket" to buy some dinner, and I stayed in the car with the dogs and when I sat there waiting for my dad to get back I saw this
 amazing dog... He had only three legs and my heart melted when I saw him, I almost cried a bit, thinking about "what if something happened to Swen" I would be devestated, I really, honestly love him like he's my baby.
we have had him for almost 10 years, and he and I are always together so, it's normal (I think) to grow such feelings for a dog :')

See how cute he is wearing his PJ's... Not really his pajama, this is a "onesie" from when Alva was a baby and I just put it on for fun, he is one of those dogs who actually likes clothes. Like for instance if I ask him if he wants to go out, he walks over to his "jacket" and waits for me to put it on him n__n

Oh will you look at that, I wrote a longer text this time, I'm getting used to this English thing :D
And another thing, It seems the English posts are written every Sunday, maybe I should keep post the English text on Sundays, and make this a weekly thing :)

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