onsdag 21 september 2011

English attempt :)

So here it goes, I will write in english, but don't know if thats a good or bad thing :P

I will be leaving today and be gone until Friday, so no blogposts tomorrow but hopefully I'm back to update Friday night. :)

But before I leave I'll have to tidy up my room, I could wait and do it on Friday but then I will be super paranoid, I don't like leaveing my room super messy, what if someone came over unannonced and theres clothes and stuff all over the floor. I can have a messy room when I'm home but not when I'm not x)

I noticed I write shorter in english, maybe I'm afraid to make misstakes... or if it is cuz I have a hard time to express myself in other languages? I don't know...
sure I could write in Swedish then translate it on googletranslate but then I still have to correct grammar and so on. :P

Heres a "to-do-list" for my Wednesday ;)
1: Clean my room.
2: take picture of wall-paintings I've done, to show @ Freddegreddes webpage
3:Put makeup on.
4: Put other clothes on. Maybe I should do that before make up...
5: chillax until dad gets home.
6: get in the car, put earphones in and listen to music.
7: arrive.

After I have arrived at my sisters place I don't know what I will do. Something fun I hope.

Oh and this time my sweety Swen will be with me, I can't leave him behind, like I did last week when I stayed at Jennys place. I missed him so much and I think he missed me as well (Not really :P)

My sweet baby :)

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