lördag 24 september 2011

Updates and tiredness :)

Well, I got bacvk yesterday, but I had work to do and I was super tired so I didn't have any energy to write a blogpost.

But yesterday was a fun day... first me and my Sister Jenny and her daughter Alva went to a... bath (you know a public bath-place where you swim and have fun :P) and then she took me out to a nice lunch, we went to a chinesplace and the food was delicious :)

Later that day Jenny had to visit the hospital on a routin-check (I guess it's called) and after that we went to a playground and played with Alva for like an hour, the seesaw (or that was what googletranslate to me the name was) was superfun, me and Jenny tried to "swing" on it, but it was to difficult to get on it :P

When I got home I was beyond tired and like I said had work to do so, In got in bed like 20:30 last night :) haha.

Maybe today I will go out on a little picnic with my parents and Alva, shes here visiting us and pick some wild mushrooms or something, I don't know. I'm still a bit tired x)

Oh I learned a new cardtrick that I have to show to Emil, so bye for now :)

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